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New to this need support

Posted by my4beauties

Hi I am very new to this I found out 6 days ago that I have severe candida associated with a number of horrible symptoms this new eating life style is so not my thing I am only alloted meat, fish and veggies ewwwwwwww I am so sick of the same bland foods and have yet to start the new antifugal drink that I am afraid to take cause they say it causes die off symptoms which are worse then what I have already why would I want to go through all of that I am bad as it is worse does not sound good to me I am scared I have 4 beautiful young kids I am only 28 and have a whole life ahead of me I just want to enjoy life and my family but right now I am so unhappy :( what to do ?
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6 years ago I went throug this treatment. Mine started with a 10 day fast of protein drink (Rx from MD) and green veggies and a little brown rice only when absolutely needed. I drank the nasty Nystatin drink, it was putrid, but it worked. The fast put me into excrutiating joint pain and daily migrane headaches. I almost gave up but my doctor kept telling me it would pass. I was sick for about 7 days but after that it got better and better. That was 6 years ago and I never get headaches now, and my joint pain is MUCH less. I did 8 months of perfect treatment, including that nasty Nystatin drink and tons of supplements. I ate only organic turkey, chicken, fish, and veggies. Some brown rice, no seasoning except those that had no yeast, wheat, etc.  Lots of fresh herbs. Only in America do are we mindless enough to think that food does not effect how we feel. I became so educated, and for that I am grateful. Now I still eat mostly only whole foods. I avoid sugar and wheat and yeast, but sometimes it gets in my diet. But I am clear of the Candida, so it doesn't matter as much if I am careful to get back on track with a clean diet. This will be SO great for your family, too. They will benefit from a better, cleaner diet and the kids will learn to cherish their bodies as deserving food nutrients, not crap that make us temporarily happy, but sick in the long run! Good luck!
I feel for you. I'm 28 too, diagnosed with Crohns in July 2009, and have 2 young kids as well. I hate what this disease has done to me, and how its robbed me of being the mother I want to be at times. I struggle with the candida issue as well, and currently am on Diflucan, also Nystatin when I get oral thrush. It sucks, I totally know what youre going thru. I too feel scared and frustrated, especially when Im in pain every day and whenever I go to the ER, they do a CT scan and tell me theres nothing that can be done. I have no abcesses or anything requiring surgery, so they just send me home. It makes me angry. I know I'm not imagining my symptoms. Who would want to feel this way? Do you get any joint or back pain? I just started experiencing a lot of it in the past month.... Also I have had to totally overhaul my diet... I am a strict vegan now (no meat, dairy, eggs, anything from an animal source), and it is helping me a lot, but I still feel there is more that needs to be done. Its hard figuring out exactly what, tho! I know the bland diet sucks, but I feel like it sucks even more to be in excruciating pain, or (god forbid) on the operating table. So its something we must be willing to deal with. Good luck to you, Im here if you ever want to talk!
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