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I just found out I have Ulcerative Colitis

Posted by fumudce

I am new to this and I was wondering if anyone had some advise for me about what to do or if there were things I can do to help prevent break outs. Any and all advise would be helpful. Like any foods I need to stay away from etc... (Other than spicey I know this one already).

Thanks Fumudce

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Well,I have had U.C. For 18yr now and I need to stress this major issue <3 Deal with your STRESS #1,then your diet-I found simple foods to be my best friend! Eggs,oatmeal,banana's,White or 60% W Wheat toast,apple sauce, LOTS OF FILTERED WATER,potatos,Carrots,(NO SKIN ON FRUITS OR VEGETABLES EVER WHEN ACTIVE OR NOT),Ensure,(2-4x/day),pudding(only vanilla),Vanilla icecream,Jello,plain chicken and a daily MUTI VITAMIN FORTE daily will really help when your U.C. is active! Only these foods nothing else! All food must be fully cooked! Take a Mega Digestive aid will really help too,2 billion active enzymes with meals! Beano/ultra extra strenghth gas X if you get really bad gas! No greasy foods! Veg oil is OK! NO NUT'S/SEEDS,PEPPER,HERBS,(UNLESS GROUND UP)!!! Baby food is really good too-banana's-Yum,Yum,or the custard! Also when dehydrated drink Gatorate,or buy a anti-dehydration drink from your local pharmacy-forget the name! (It's pedialite but for adults) A heating  pad will become your best friend! Tylenol #3 helps with the pain and helps to slow down your bowls-only watch how many you take you can become really constipated,2-4x/day. A stool softener helps if you do get constipated(Delculax)1 at bed time,takes 1-3 days to work,very gentle,DON"T take a laxative! Unless your Dr. says but question him first! Gravol helps! If you smoke cigarettes keep smoking,(anti-inflammatory drugs in them),if you plan on Quiting do so when in remission because your U.C. will flare up when you do Quit!!! NO ALCOLHOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO STREET DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will make you really sick!!!!!!!!!!!! You can buy a doughnut seat cushion if your bum get's reaaly sore,it looks like a doughnut! Just put a pillow case over it so people won't know it not just a cushion! No tight fitting pants-loose is better but wear under wear that will snuggle your tummy when it get's really sore! Like spandex would. lOT'S OF SLEEP,YOU HEAL WHEN YOUR A SLEEP!!!!!!!!!! Don't do too much work,running around when sick you will have less energy and wil lose your energy faster when sick! Don't wait yr's to have surgery as I did, wait a few yrs but not 16yrs like I did! I should have had it done yr's ago!  I don't want to scare you just help <3 <3 Your U.C Might not get as bad as mine was!!!  Prednisone will be your buddy go on it as soon as you know that your going down hill health wise-you will know! (When you are going 6 or more x/day and bleeding fresh blood is red,old blood is dark red to black) rectally/in your stools) Not from hemmroids but rectally! There may even be white mucous from the lining of your Colon. You do get better every time and go into remission!!!!!!!!! So don't worry it will just make things worse,just be informed-knowledge is Power <3  Best Wishes Rosieveg Any Q's just ask <3 "LIVE,LOVE AND LAUGH OFTEN <3"
I forgot you should find out if your lactose intolerant! If your not eat and drink lot's of dairy!!!!!!! Sugar should be avoided and chocolate too!!!! Salt helps when your dehydrated! You should infest in a good bum cream and wipes-I use Live Clean diaper rash cream-put on before to protect and after to heal,Wet-Naps moist towelette's orginal helps-no sting and cheap to buy!
Sorry,forgot No Caffeine,coffee,tea,pop etc. Herbal teas wit no caffeine are OK. You should get a list of foods to avoid with low fibre foods  from your specialist <3 Be Well <3

Lots of hugs to you.  The days and weeks after the diagnosis were some of the most difficult for me.

 Your doctor should have suggestions about what to do to minimize your flares.  Mine suggested keeping a food journal to try to figure out my triggers.  Some of my trigger foods when I'm flared do not bother me when I'm not, so make sure you test that too!  ;)

I always try new/questionable foods when I know I don't have anywhere really important to be the next day.  That way, if something really bothers me, at least I can just stay home. 

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