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Homecoming at Clarke

Posted Nov 12 2013 9:00am

I promised you stories about my fun October and I never delivered. Oops. Let’s do this. But first… let’s get two things out of the way. My college is teeny and I am obsessed with it.

I graduated in 2007 and am already nostalgic for all things Clarke University… even though it was just Clarke College when I went there. Luckily, I was able to convince my friend Molly to indulge me in my nostalgia, and we attended a bunch of events for Clarke’s Homecoming Weekend last month. (It didn’t hurt that she was getting married one week later and I offered to help with last-minute wedding things while I was in town.)

Homecoming at Clarke was a lot of fun and a little bit hilarious. We don’t have a football team, so the week is filled with activities for students and the weekend has a bunch of parties and events for current students and alumni. But there’s no big football game as a rallying point.

Tiny, and pretty confused about whether it's a college or a high school.

Clarke. On so tiny, and pretty confused about whether it’s a college or a high school.

But hey, we know how to laugh at ourselves.

But hey, we know how to laugh at ourselves. My new awesome Clarke shirt that I snagged that weekend.

Molly and I kicked off the weekend with a 5k. She was really excited about running on the hilly campus with me! Okay, fine. I bribed her with the promise of coffee and we walked the whole thing. But we walked fast and we weren’t the last ones to finish. We had a great time.

She looks excited to be up early to do a 5k with me, right?

She looks excited to be up early to do a 5k with me, right?

After working on a few wedding things, we headed to the tent party and enjoyed beverages and chatting with some fellow alumni. I also may have stashed about 8 of the plastic Clarke beer cups into my purse in the process. They’re cool, okay?

I also made Molly pose with me in the cheesy frame. And I loved it.

I also made Molly pose with me in the cheesy frame. And I loved it.

Being on campus, and realizing how long it’s been since I actually lived there made me realize that I’m probably a legitimate adult at this point. And that was a pretty frightening thought. It was solidified that night when I volunteered at “Downtown Saturday Night” — the young alumni event of the weekend. Basically, it was a bar crawl and you earned entries into a raffle by stopping at each bar. I was stationed at Lot One, and it’s a good thing I had great company in my fellow volunteers, because I tired of bar antics by about 9:30. (We started at 9:00!)

The only remotely young and hip thing I did that night was snap a selfie at the bar. I’m really cool.




Clarke is just one of those places that makes me feel at home. I loved my four years there, and being back on campus always makes me feel warm fuzzies. I know the teeny college thing (1200 students, to be exact) isn’t for everyone, but it sure as heck was for me.

Did you go to college? Big? Small? Love it? Hate it? Tell me about your alma mater!



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