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Full Disclosure

Posted Nov 04 2012 8:00am

Woohoo! Day four of National Health Blog Post Month. That’s why you’re seeing me post on weekends. Don’t get used to that! Follow along on Twitter at #NHBPM.

Today’s topic is one I think a lot about: How do you decide what to share? What do/don’t you share?

The short answer? It depends.

The long answer? I was not always comfortable talking about my health. My blog began as a running and triathlon blog in which I occasionally made references to a health condition I had. It was a long time before I was comfortable talking about it, and my first few posts about my IBD are littered with long disclaimers about how “graphic” I am going to be, and blah blah blah. I was really worried I’d scare people away if I started opening up about my poop!

My first venture into marathoning AND blogging was back in 2007. No talk about my IBD then. No way, no how.

When it comes to my own life and health, I post when I am ready. I take time to digest things (no pun intended) and learn what I can from them before posting. Even now, sometimes I need a friend to read a post and hold my hand while I hit submit. (No seriously, a friend was holding my hand when I hit submit on this post .) Still, even when I’m nervous, I always know in my heart whether I’m ready or not. I wait until I don’t care if my boss, future boyfriend, parents, former students… anyone reads what I have to say. And then I write it.

When it comes to other people, I do my best to check in with them before I write about them. I don’t use real names or photos without permission, and I never write about anyone else’s health without permission. In fact, my friend Luke was really surprised to see my race report after the Las Vegas Half Marathon last December . If you read that post, it sounds like I struggled and he helped, and that’s true. What I don’t mention is that Luke also struggled, a lot. His IBD was wreaking havoc on his body for the last two miles or so, and I was full of pep and encouragement. But his struggles were not my story to tell. (Yes, I asked before writing about it now.)

We ran 13.1 miles and then we hung out with this diseased colon.

I also make sure I write when I’m in a good place. Unlike some bloggers, I don’t write about the bad days when I’m living them. It’s just not my style. I prefer to kick, scream, cry, and then pull myself together before I share it with y’all. Hopefully I’ve snagged a lesson or two out of it by then, too.

How much of your true self do you share online? Do you make any edits when you’re sharing on the world wide web?

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