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Done, Scrap, & Try Again: A Look Back at My 2012 Resolutions

Posted Dec 31 2012 9:00am

I’m not typically a person who makes resolutions and ignores them. I love, love, love lists, goals, and plans. But as I set out to make my resolutions for 2013, I realized that I had absolutely no idea whether I’d met my 2012 resolutions or not. As I’ve said, 2012 was quite the year for me. I changed and grew in ways that would’ve never crossed my mind in January.

Still, as I looked back at my 2012 resolutions , there were some I hadn’t met yet that were worth throwing in the mix for 2013. So let’s recap on last year’s list and decide whether I’ve completed it, need to scrap it for the time being, or it should be kept on the 2013 list.

What’s that? You think this is boring and you don’t want to do it? Silly goose, this is important and it’s what I’m doing today.

Get enough sleep. I am seriously kicking butt at this one. Working from home 3 – 4 days a week helps, because I don’t have a commute to contend with, but I can honestly say I get somewhere between 7 – 9 hours of sleep each night. Sometimes more!
The verdict: Done.

Stop eating fast food. I made a solid effort for a while, but this one has been a complete trainwreck lately. It was on the 2013 list before I even looked back at the 2012 one.
The verdict: Try again.

Read more. Another win! My friend Regina and I started a book club this year, and I’ve been book worming up a storm. In addition to book club books, I find myself curling up with a book or my Nook almost every night. I’ve been really enjoying it!
The verdict: Done.

Run a 2:30:00 half marathon. Not even close. To be honest, I don’t really care. I started running because I love it. I was thrilled to PR in the 10k recently, but getting faster isn’t even close to a priority in 2013. I just want to keep on loving it. If I happen to run faster, hooray! If I don’t, so what?
The verdict: Scrap.

Schedule appointments with myself and keep them. I have gotten so much better at managing my time. Each day, I find myself checking things off the to-do list happily. It’s pretty recent, so I want to make sure I keep it up.
The verdict: Keep it up.

Stay organized. Totally nailed it. My apartment still gets taken over with clutter from time to time, but it’s nowhere near the mess I used to make, and I always fix the problem rather quickly. I am very, very pleased with the new status quo.
The verdict: Done.

Huh. Not as bad as I thought. I’ll take it. Now let’s do this 2013 thing, shall we?

Do you remember your 2012 resolutions? Did you keep them?

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