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Chicago’s Perfect 10k: Practically Perfect in Each and Every Way

Posted Nov 16 2012 8:00am

I’m stretching a little. Day 16 of National Health Blog Post Month calls for using a picture or video as inspiration. Wouldn’t you know it, the pictures from my 10k last weekend appeared on Brightroom’s website yesterday. So let’s call this a NHBPM and race report combination, huh? (Don’t forget that you can follow all the other participating bloggers on Twitter: #NHBPM.)

Yesterday I found what might be my favorite race photo of all time.

Just past the finish line at Chicago’s Perfect 10k. Completely spent. Walking on the hunt for food and some Gatorade.

I know what you’re thinking. It doesn’t look like a great race photo, right? I’m not even running. The finish line is in the background, and I’m looking down, hands on hips, and walking along. Yes, we’re looking at the same photo. And I love it. I look tired.

I race for fun. I’m known to have dance parties along the way, smiling, laughing, and chatting with friends. I almost always finish a race with enough steam in the tank to do a conga line while singing the entire Middle of Nowhere album in the correct order. So, that’s not really racing so much as going out for an organized run.

With some Team Challenge fellas pre-race. Don’t we look awesome in orange?

I started Chicago’s Perfect 10k with some of my Team Challenge buddies and one goal: run my little heart out. I wanted to finish the race tired. And look, guys! I did it. I ran with Kenny and Marisa for the first mile and a half before deciding to head off in my own direction. I had to power through on the hills a little bit, but I hung in there and pushed as hard as I could.

Oh, and by hills, I mean the Chicago kind. Not the real kind of hills.

Post-race with my fellow Team Challenge staffers. We’re all pretty darn cute for 10k/10 miles, huh?

There’s not much else to report. A 10k is reasonably short, so nothing too exciting or crazy happened. I just ran and ran. But I finally learned torace, I think.

What about you? Do you race? Run or walk for fun? Cycle? Let me hear it.

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