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I'm 267, 5'2" (158cm), married, and recently have lost a lot of weight. I was 165.4 lbs in Apr 2006 and now I weigh 127 lbs. I'm a happily married woman so don't try to pick me up wt witty messages! I'm a managing editor/freelance writer based in Romania (and working only for foreign companies). I'm also a travel writer. ~~~ check out photos: NOTE:I'm NOT located in California but i couldn't select any other country than US. I'm in ROMANIA (Europe)
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My goals

Go From 57.7 kg to 52 kg by 6/15/2008 Duration: 171 days Weight to lose: 5.7 kg (0.03 kg/day, 0.23 kg/week, 1 kg/month) Calories need...


Whether we like it or not December is here... and with it my b-day (Dec 5), Christmas and New Year's Eve. Thankfully our plans don't...

My routine

*15 min/day , 5 days/week -stepper *15min/day, 3 days/week -ST *burn 500 cal/week via cardio on Week 1 (Nov 25-Dec 1 ) *burn 600...


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Aug 24 2008 by Niell A.
Hi, Im new here and I have sent and invitation to you to be my friend I hope its ok. Thanks.
Dec 12 2007 by Larissa
You can do it! You are almost at your ideal fitness goals. You can do it by December!
Dec 12 2007 by Geoff, MD
You can do it! Good luck on your quest to 22%!