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Wife to 1 and only Teacher at 2 schools Mother to 3 boys ADD + 40 years TV; Computers 500 X 2 much EQUALS No time for: Soccer Kayaking Volleyball Eating right Cleaning Organizing Me
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The Randomness of Daffodils

The Randomness of Daffodils Their bright colors I try to tame. Their little lion heads surveying the terrain. I plant them in rows and...

A quick remedy for an agitated soul

Rocking on the porch, Rhythm of a resting heart. Calming a restless soul. Flowers swaying in the breeze, Colors turning this way and...

Faces on my heart

“Your on my heart Just like a tattoo I’ll always have you” How many tattoos do you have on your heart? Parents           ...

One Sentence

One sentence can change so much. thoughts                                                 dreams                    ...

Dr Hallowell’s new book!

I am so excited!  Dr. Hallowell has a new book coming out on Tuesday!  It is called: Married to Distraction: Restoring Intimacy and...

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