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I'm a general adult nurse. I blog about work, my own mental health, and the complex relationship between the two
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Admission to an Acute Psych Ward

So my last 'proper' post (which can be found here) covered the time period from Wednesday 20th October to Monday 25th October 2010 in which I was...

Thanks to those who have email ...

Thanks to those who have emailed/facebooked/twittered me since my last post. Sorry to cause any worry - I am fine. I made a conscious decision to...

A Second Overdose, and Five Nights on the Medical Assessment Unit

So I’m lying on a trolley in A+E connected to an IV bag of 10% dextrose. I have to say, the nurse looking after me didn’t appear to consider me an...

To Recap

A brief re-cap about what has been happening recently in land of Crazy Nurse. The saga is relived in its entirely in my previous two posts. See...

Two Nights On Psych Assesment Unit, and an Overdose

So, nice lesser boss delivered me to the psych assessment unit on Monday afternoon, 3pm ish. I’m sure I have described the unit and its purpose in...

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