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Family caregiver to a wonderful woman who's had MS for more than 20 of our 28 years together. "Mother" to two wonderful dogs, mini-dachshunds.
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Caregiver Aids #18: The Hydrant

Hi, all! I see it's been 9 months since my last post. All is well here in the land of Cranky and Skip, except for the inexorable robbing of...


Change is hard. At least, that's what Skip says. And she's right, it is hard. I need something to push me to make a change, otherwise I'll...

My Feelings About Caregiving

The way I feel about caregiving is similar to the way New Englanders talk about the weather. We say "if you don't like the weather, wait 5...

My Right Knee Hurts

I'm concerned about my right knee. An X-ray showed a "bony lump" on it, so my primary care physician recommended an MRI. Got the MRI on Saturday....

To Do Lists and Calendars

To do lists were a standard part of my day when I had a career. They were a good news/bad news kind of document. On the one hand, I would feel...

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