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Des Moines, Iowa
I live in the Des Moines area. I'm a nutrition communicator, and run a blog called Balanced Immune The blog is about new findings on immune health, and how immune balance, rather than "boost" is a key to overall long term health. Immune balance means the human immune system,... Full Bio
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On drought, water and immune health.

We’re finally at the end of a long summer of drought. It’s hit our farming neighbors hard. The lack of water makes me think more about water...

Immune balance at the heart of the matter

The heart health/immune balance story keeps growing. A while back I wrote about inflammation and heart health. My post was based on a some new...

An intriguing immune balance development: Autism as an immune-driven condition

A New York times piece this past week discusses the possibility of continuous inflammation–the result of an unbalanced aggressive immune...

A simple solution to the Superbug?

Who woulda thunk it? After years of grappling with various antibiotic-resistant “superbugs,” Vitamin B could be a big weapon.  ”In laboratory...

Immune balance: So what has changed over the years?

I now have nearly four years of taking EpiCor under my belt:  four years of taking a 500 mg EpiCor capsule nearly every day. (Full disclosure:...

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Hey there Craig:

Canada couldn't be better. I love it here. How have you been. I'm still keeping myself busy with my father in law, can't do a whole lot due to my chronic pain in my back due to injury from 2000. Physician wanted me to have surgery but not going there. I've seen to many unsuccessful surgeries. I need my spine so I can walk. Let me know how you are and take care. Talk to you soon. Marly

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Hi Craig: Welcome!

I have just added you to my list of friends.