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Keep In Touch With Us

Hey everyone! Just checking in on our readers, no we have not disappeared. In fact, we have continued blogging on a weekly basis at our...

A great website:

We wanted to tell our readers about a great site that has launched recently called This website is the online portal for Explore,...

A Great Facebook Application

Recently Layla and I were made aware of a new campaign being done by Naked Juice and Facebook. The campaign has created a Facebook application...

It's Time For A Green Book Review: Last Chance By Larry J. Schweiger

First, Layla and I would both like to say that we were honored to be asked to take part in the "One Day, 100 Bloggers, 100 Green Books, 100...

A great new blog

Recently, Layla and I came across another blog that is blogging about their own green journey, so we thought we would give them a shout out from our...
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