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sydney, Australia
I'm a Social Worker and counsellor. I have a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in applied psychology counselling and have a Bachelor of Social Work. I am a Member of the Australian Association of Social Workers (MAASW).
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Online Counselling

has anyone tried online counselling to seek support?

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Symptoms may include:
persistent headache on one or both sides, or in the center of the foreheadblurred or double vision; loss of side (peripheral) visiondrooping eyelid (ptosis) caused by pressure on nerves leading to the eyenumb feeling on the facedementiadrowsinessenlarged headeating excessive (hyperphagia) or abnormally small ( hypophagia) amounts of foodseizures
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hello can you tell me the most general physical and mental aftcts of a 9mm patuitary adnomea?

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