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San Francisco, California
Hi there! My name is Cory Huff and I started A Good Husband because I saw a need for an online place where men can discuss real issues in a positive, constructive way. Unfortunately there is so much negativity out there surrounding men, their role as husbands, fathers, and leaders that it's a... Full Bio
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Remembering Gratitude

This morning I knelt down to pray, and I was reminded of a time when I didn’t do something I knew I should have done. I delayed and I...

Where Are the Media Role Models for Today’s Youth?

I think Tim Allen is the most frustrating man in television. In reality, he is a shrewd businessman, cleverly intelligent, and by all...

Diapers, iPod and Chocolate Cake

People tell you that parenthood is a crazy thing; that life as you know it will completely change; that from sunrise to sunset you are no...

iPad Should Not Be Your iWife

image via Mactrast Last night I relearned a valuable lesson that I should know – especially after 9 years of marriage. My wife and I...

My Teenage Friends

I was lucky to have some great friends as a teenager. It makes me sad to read articles in the New York Times about books like this where we...
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