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2010 Is Five-Alarm Tipping Point of Polar Ice Cap Melting Due to Global Warming

It seems that everyone but global warming skeptics is gravely concerned about polar ice cap melting. I certainly am. For more than a decade,...

Granola Free Energy Management Software Helps Blog Readers Reduce Global Warming and Their Electric Bill

Compared with the environmental impact of burning fossil fuels for heating and transportation, computers are relatively benign. In fact, the...

Evidence of Global Warming Expands, June 2010 Hottest June Ever, 2010 on Track to be Hottest Year Ever

The scientific episode known colloquially as Climategate, which was hailed by deniers of global warming as proof that there’s nothing wrong...

Symbolism of Solar Power Key in Effort of from

If you have followed my blog for any period of time, you have read the high praise I have given to the fine environmental advocacy organization...

Innovations in Recycling Spur Derivatives of Downcycling and Upcycling

As I have shared several times, one-way beverage containers, especially plastic water bottles, are very harmful for the environment. Perhaps...

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