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I have had chronic pelvic pain for the past four years. As a registered nurse and someone who loves to write and share ideas, I hope to contribute to this community. I live in the mid-west, enjoy hiking with my dog, writing, reading, knitting, and tai chi. I hope you'll visit my blog which is a... Full Bio
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Post-Partum Training for you and your Vagina

I saw this post on the Facebook page of my physical therapist. It was first released on Slate Magazine.  The article is very general, but the...

Forced Sabbatical

Cora here, back after several months of being very... much... away.   The last post was in May of 2011 and that seems like lifetimes ago.  I...

Ted Talk on Chronic Pain

A Wonderful 8 minute talk on chronic pain as a disease in itself.  Please share with those whom you wish to...

Lady Creaky

There is a song in my head called Lady Creaky.  I changed the words and sing it to the tune of Lady Madonna.  When I wake up...


It is 03:30 and for some reason, I am still awake.  I'm not in pain, just awake.  I am   reminded of a fortune from a cookie that I saved for...

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There are two older posts that tell my original story. They are "A Pain to Explain" and "My Story".  On Fridays, I like to feature a guest author who has also experienced pelvic pain, so if you'd like to write a short essay, or six-word memoir, or haiku, please submit to my email.







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