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What is this?

Posted by Pansi53

I frequently, during the course of a day and more often at nights, get a sudden sticking on one side or the other of my throat, which is relieved first by 2 or 3intense cough/sneezes (through the mouth).   This is followed by hacking, heavy-mucous producing coughs (sometimes retching and vomiting mucous).  While all this is going on, tears flow copiously and the nose drains outwardly.  When the throat gets comfortable again and I am able to breathes, there is a period of clearing the throat for about 3 or so minutes then all is well for maybe an hour or so.  I have no idea what this is and have only selected the category COPD & Emphysema because I see no other relevant category.  The doctor has said it is an allergy and that my lungs were clear and oxygen level good, at the time of my visit.  However, her medication has only increased the mucous production.  The behavior does bear some resemblance to what I have seen in emphysema patients regarding the coughing and mucous production. 


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