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What can I use for pain management....?

Posted by Bonniedo Facebook

I have severe COPD and I am a CO2 retainer. I have a shoulder that requires complete reconstruction. There will be no operation due to my CO2 retention.


The pain is constant and excruciating. I had also broke the left shoulder (fell at home) which never properly healed. Now both arms are developing muscular atrophy. I take 1mg Dilaudid 2 times a day and 200mg Celebrex once a day, plus Tylenol 500 x 2   2-3 times a day. All of this happened in Sept 2012 and I have been on same meds since then.


Is there any kind of pain medication I can take that will not "put me to sleep" regarding the CO2 retention?


PLEASE.....I am so very desperate!




68 yrs of age 


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