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what are my chances of living a active healthy lifestyle right now ive been finding it more and more difficult to breathe

Posted by kristi89

im a 20 year old female
xray, spirometry confirmed i have hyperinflated lungs consistant with COPD  & lungs function at 70%. i am currently awaiting blood test results to see if i have the alpha1 defeincy?
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Obviously you need to consult a professional. I would suggest working with a trainer or nutritionist (or both) that specialize in illnesses/disease/injury like yours and go from there. Make sure that you verify education, pehaps ask your medical professional for a referral. I would suggest starting out with eating a healthier diet because exercise may be extremely limited for you especially with COPD and depending on your medications. I have many articles on my website but don't just stop there. Seek out a professional, someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. 

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