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The Metropolitan police – thugs in uniform…

Posted Dec 13 2010 1:08pm

A few nuggets from today’s Guardian:-

“The Independent Police Complaints Commission said it was investigating the claim that Alfie Meadows, a 20-year-old student, suffered serious head injuries after being hit on the head with a police truncheon.”

No doubt we can expect Meadows to be shortly charged with damage to police property – to whit, one truncheon. Along with hundreds of others who, with malice aforethought have wilfully headbutted Met riot shields, truncheons, knees and, doubtless, boots.


“Scotland Yard said it had launched Operation Malone, a “major criminal investigation” into all protests against tuition fees, and had arrested 175 people, including 34 from the Parliament Square demonstration.

The investigation was announced after the prime minister, David Cameron, said that the rioters should face the “full force of the law”.”

Seriously? And yet not a single Met copper has charged with criminal assault? How, in a sane universe, does that work, unless old Durex-head (q.v. Steve Bell, the Guardian), really does see the police, like Thatcher before him, as his own private army? And is there a reason why this op has been given an Irish name?

Possibly it’s to indicate, as happened it the seventies to a whole bunch of people, that being a student is, now, enough to see you fitted up and jailed for a large part of your life as, once, was being Irish.

And WTF is up with MP Nadine Dorries, and her whining about the poor police horses? Does she really think that these are some out-of-their-depth riding-school hacks, dragooned into the fight against the massed ranks of unarmed kids?

Police horses are highly trained for the job they do – which seems to comprise riding down innocent people in the street these days – and clad, to a degree, in armour. They might not actually be the modern-day equivalent of the destrier, no doubt to the great disappointment of the Met, for whom a horse that can be trained to maim and kill people, as was the destrier, is probably a wet dream. Long may it remain no more than that.

Why, you may ask, am I referring to the Met so much? Simple; while most police forces have committed some acts of violence against demonstrators, none appear to have made it a deliberate policy, as the Met has because, frankly, the bastards are out of control, as was demonstrated at the G20 demos, after which rules of dress and behaviour were imposed that are being blatantly ignored now – like removing their ID numbers from uniforms.

They seem to have no desire to keep order (isn’t that their job?), but, rather, to launch attacks on anyone who takes their fancy, not excluding people in wheelchairs and members of the press.

The fact that 175 pissed-off kids have been arrested, but not a single, excessively violent, out of control, copper, speaks volumes.

It is perfectly legal to demonstrate in this country – for now, at least. It is the job of the police to stand by and observe, reacting to trouble if it occur, and then focusing only on those actually breaking the law.

It is not their job to actively cause trouble by wading in mob-handed, often totally unprovoked, bludgeoning to the ground anyone within reach, and kettling the rest. That is not, and never has been, in their job description. They are supposed to keep order, not create massive disorder.

And some out-of-touch commentator-moron on TV news the other day, was heard to observe that it was clear that the students were looking for trouble because – oh, look! – they were wearing hard-hats. From what I could see, most were wearing cycle helmets – I have no problem with that at all – given the level of violence they are up against, plate armour might not be entirely inappropriate.

The Observer asked, yesterday, if Sir Paul Stephenson is the right man to head up the Met. The answer, based on his current performance, or that of the men and women allegedly under his control, and his thinly-veiled threat, on Radio 4’s Today programme, that it might just be OK to gun down protesting students, must surely be a resounding NO!

And if you think that the Met are NOT rabidly out of control, I suggest you look closely at this video clip of Jody McIntyre being tipped out of his wheelchair, near Parliament Square, and dragged along the road by the by Met’s thugs

As I said before, 175 demonstrators have been arrested – why not these fuckers? They could very easily have simply wheeled him away, or or picked him up, chair and all. I don’t have any idea what McIntyre thought he was doing, nor do I care. It’s entirely irrelevant, as there is not – there never can be – any excuse for this.

Video quality is poor – sadly, it’s more than adequate. And the language is pretty strong, understandably.

McIntyre has cerebral palsy – if he’d had, say, brittle bone disease (or any other potentially dangerous or fatal condition), we could be looking at a corpse, instead of a seriously shaken-up and pissed off young guy. The police had no clue what was wrong with him, nor did they care that violent handling might well have caused him serious, possibly fatal, injuries because, quite simply, they didn’t give a shit.

And neither do Stephenson or Cameron.

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