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The Hospitalised Blogger…

Posted Sep 11 2013 4:44pm

For the urgently hospitalised blogger – an event which seems likely to feature in my future a lot more than I’m going to be happy with – there is, as far as I can see, no solution to the “if I’m unconscious I’ll be unable to take any gadgets into hospital with me, and thus will be incommunicado” dilemma – not, anyway, without the costs of duplicating everything and hanging it on the back of the door of my flat to be grabbed on the way out by the ambulance crew – which can’t be guaranteed so it’s not worth the investment.

I’ve bought a Bluetooth keyboard for my smartphone, as typing anything longer than a Tweet on a virtual keyboard is a pain in the butt – so I just need to add a duplicate charger, an extra-long USB power cable, which I already have, and a case to hold everything including the keyboard (and that’s an almost full-sized QWERTY version, not one that’s barely bigger than your phone).

Currently, I take my Galaxy S3 to bed with me – no, not literally, get a grip – it lives on the bedside table where it functions as an alarm clock for my early-morning meds, so if I keep the other bits and bobs close by, as long as I’m functional on some level, in the event of a crisis I can grab everything and go for my ambulance ride.

Of course, if I’m not functional I’m screwed anyway – but no point in worrying about what I can’t control.

So my take-along kit will be simple, my S3, plus Bluetooth keyboard, the one charger will do both, and an extra long USB charging cable (mains sockets in hospitals are never as conveniently placed as you’d like, and you often need to re-route the cable to avoid it being trapped by the bed frame during bedmaking).

And never leave any electronics behind if you leave the bay/ward, no matter how briefly – not if you want to keep them. Always take them with you, even if you only go to the toilet (and then take care not to leave them behind!).

It could be argued that a notebook is more versatile than my set-up, which I’d dispute in a hospital context. What it is, though, is much more expensive and a lot heavier if you’re a mere mortal whose budget can’t stretch to an ultra-lightweight version, plus, if necessary, the component parts of my system can be distributed around the various pockets of a dressing gown and PJs. Try that with a lappie!

Finally, take along a loaded Kindle. True, other e-readers are available; what’s that to do with anything?

Take a Kindle!


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