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The BBC has gone over to the dark side…

Posted Nov 04 2011 7:32am

Earlier this year I thought that the BBC was failing to cover marches and demos because they were in fear of antagonising the government, DG Mark Thompson being such a goddamned pussy.

Then things changed somewhat, as the Beeb began to report on trouble around the fringes of events, while touting them as main-event activity, a technique known technically as lying or, as it’s sometimes known, making shit up. Sky, too, did this. Coincidence?

Fast forward to now, and we’ve had John Humphreys pontificating about the benefits system, and mostly getting it wrong – or simply lying about it – you choose.

Then, last night, we had Panorama – Britain on the Fiddle, in which pretty much the only true words were Good evening and welcome to Panorama… a cavalcade of lies, distortions, and disinformation from beginning to end. Of course, since Jeremy Vine took over hosting Panorama a couple of years ago (is he still involved?), it has become, much like his Radio 2 show, a platform for axe-grinders and lobbyists, and extremely economical with the truth – a couple of examples here on my blog , and it seems that it remains that way today.

In fact it’s gone even further, and Panorama has gone from investigative journalism to now being a mouthpiece for the IDS Lie Factory. Why?

I’d originally assumed it was fear of Cameron and Murdoch, and as recent events have revealed, vis-à-vis the revelations about discussions between Cameron & Co and the Murdochs on the subject of BBC funding.

But I think it might go further than that, into the murky realms of government coercion. As we all know by now, Cameron and his merry band of fuckwits couldn’t tell the truth about the chronically sick and disabled if you put a gun to their heads, and I think Cameron, or one of his off-the-record scumbag aides, has made the BBC an offer they can’t – or are too cowardly to – refuse.

That is, join Cameron’s insane, hate-fuelled persecution of the chronically sick and disabled – a veritable pogrom in all but name – and in return the government promises not to fuck with BBC funding.

I can think of no other reason why the BBC should suddenly become the CBC – the Cameron Broadcasting Corporation.

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