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Still in hospital . . .

Posted Mar 28 2013 5:13am

Well, this is by way of a test post, using my phone, and a progress report.

Been here a day shy of two weeks so far and I can tell you that the level of care is vastly

better than last time. Though, to be fair, the bar wasn’t set very high! First thing go happen was that admitting doc confirmed my heart is as buggered as I knew it was.

I’ve improved considerably, in that I can eat without difficulty (except for breakfast which is unutterably crap!). I’d lost 25kg, of which I’ve regained perhaps 10 (I’ll know better soon).

They say my entire metabolism is out of whack, along with much else, but they have cleared up a long-standing skin infection which the admitting doc said was poisoning my whole system. Based on how I feel, he was right.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a hospital if I didn’t have a chest infection I didn’t come in with!

Although I’m on the mend I’m still very ill and profoundly weak, and likely to be here a while yet.

Turns out that my Phyllocontin has been poisoning me for years (the difference between therapeutic and toxic levels is tiny). So they’re trying to bring me back from that too. Co-codamol apparently makes things worse so that’s been changed to Tramadol, which seems fine so far.

And that’s it for now but, as I say  I still have somd way to go, so more later.

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