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Steroid Wars . . .

Posted Mar 28 2013 7:11am

Back in the early 90s Prednisolone tablets were on my repeat list and had been for some time. Stranded away from home for weeks – long story – my health deteriorated dramatically  and, in the absence of any overt symptoms, I started a course of Prednisolone, 30mg daily. My response was even more

dramatic than my decline, and I improved rapidly.

To me, this suggested an inherent cortisol deficit** which, when I finally got home, I went to my GP to discuss. No discussion – he simply cut off my supply.

**Hardly surprising given my history of prescription steroid use. It’s a known side effect.

This morning I’ve been told that I have the indications of long-term cortisol deficiency. Pissed off, much?

So this will initially be treated with i-v steroids, and followed with – as far as I could tell – permanent Prednisolone tablets. OK, of itself no biggie – what’s a few more tablets? – but if I’ve been so very much sicker than I need have been for 20 years I know  couple of GPs who had better look to their malpractice insurance, because I intend to rip them each a new arsehole!

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