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Social Security Disability

Posted Sep 13 2010 10:59am
There comes a point in time where we start to realize that working is becoming quite an impossible task.  Many with COPD have to go on social security disability and just as many dread having to go through the process. 

Filing for disability can be quite an experience but that shouldn't stop you from filing.  There are many horror stories out there about those who have filed and were refused, and who knows, maybe one of those days I'll be the one with the horror story.  Many are declined the first time and the next step is to appeal. Some people choose to get a lawyer right away, others wait until they need one (such as if their claim is refused). Remember, though, that every person and case is different and you shouldn't let that stop you from filing.

So, just where do you start?  Well, I'd say start with the Social Security website. You will find quite a bit of information there and you can also file online.  One of the best things you can do is to make sure you have copies of all your medical tests and any supporting documentation that can help your case.  On their website, they have a link that shows the qualifying criteria which will allow you to see if you are eligible.  If it appears you don't match their criteria, don't let that stop you from filing because the list is just a guide and not etched in stone.  You can find the the complete listing of impairments under which one can file a claim at this link:  "Listing of Impairments - Adult Listings (Part A)" .  To see the information specific to respiratory/lung diseases click  "Respiratory System"

I found another source of really good information on a blog written by a gentleman, Tim Moore, that used to work as a social security disability caseworker.  His blog is full of anything and everything about social security disability, questions and answers, tips and more.  It's an invaluable source of information that I suggest to anyone with questions on disability.  You can find his blog at this link: " My Disability Blog ".

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