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Reclassifying ESA as an unemployment benefit – fiscal eugenics?

Posted Dec 05 2012 1:03pm

People are getting wound up, and rightly so, by Osborne’s lumping of ESA in with unemployment benefits, not with disability benefits, thus allowing it to be effectively cut by the imposing of a 1% increase (disability benefits aren’t affected).

However, the government has been referring to ESA as a sickness benefit for quite some time now, and so has the press. I expected howls of protest but they didn’t happen. Until now, that is.

So, having got away with informally reclassifying ESA as a sickness benefit, it’s probably no surprise they’re now calling in an unemployment benefit. There is a perverse logic to that, as if you are too ill to work – disabled – then you could be considered unemployed by virtue of that fact. (Don’t have a go at me if you don’t like the idea – I’m just exploring a potential thought process – go yell at Gideon or IDS, who is probably behind the change anyway.)

This, also, might be considered confirmation that the disabled are being edited out of society, at least as far as funding is concerned – first ESA is reassigned, and DLA is soon to become PIP – it’s fiscal eugenics.

How long before it gets physical?

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