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"Broken Toe"

Posted May 22 2009 11:44pm

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Day ! Here we are in "My Little Corner OF The World" do you really want to know what I did on Wednesday ? anyway I am going to tell you. I drove to work with a friend of mine, once we got there we walking thru the parking lot and yakking up a storm as we approached the building there is a cement step up...yup I missed it down I went on both knees cut them up cut my toes and pretty colors of black, blue I had to add some humor ! Well, got myself up with help went into the office iced my foot, then hobbled to the car to go to the Walk in clinic, now that's funny ! after being checked over,no x-ray the machine was broke just my luck, well the Dr. assured me nothing was broke go home ice it blah, blah blah...well as the day went on the more it swelled and pain was awful. I had medicine here at the house and took one and slept for about 4 hrs. Remember this is Wed. the nite before Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving I was miserable took another pill slept for another few hours, ate dinner and elevated my leg for the rest of the day, time for bed took another pill.I did not want to sit in the emergency room on Thanksgiving in case your wondering why I stayed in so much pain...anyway, today I got a ride to the emergency room and they took pictures and confirmed that the Toe is broken! after poking and prodding you know I was really hurting so got another pain pill enuf already, guess it will just have to heal on it's own. As long as I keep it elevated and iced it should be OK.

The worst part about going to the E/R all those sick people, coughing, sneezing etc. I wont go into details and of course a lady was put in the bed right beside mine, yup she had a serious cough, nasty cough they were giving her breathing treatments. I was just to be about discharged when I asked to be moved out of the area I was afraid of catching whatever it was she had, I was very anxious, the nurse said there was no other place to move me or her, so I got up and went out into the hallway and waited till they wrote out the discharge paper work which took about another 15 min.Here we are, relaxing, just finished lunch, gonna have leftovers for dinner. Thing could have been worse, only one broken toe not two. Until we meet again my friends, remember



Breathe Easy,


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