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Proposed carrier-bag charge from 2015.

Posted Sep 15 2013 12:18pm

Does Cleggy, the Plastic Bag Tsar-elect , ever think any policy, through to its conclusion? I’ve no objection to the proposed 5p per bag surcharge/tax on carrier-bags as, even when I was able to, I didn’t use them, but even for a coalition effort, staggeringly little thought seems to have gone into it.

These days, though, I shop exclusively online (I’m housebound), and my groceries are delivered in carrier bags, for which there are sound reasons, not least the speed with which the produce can be transferred from the delivery guy’s possession to mine,  enabling him to be on his way again quickly. Thus deliveries further down the line from me aren’t delayed, and I get to re-use the plastic bags for refuse disposal.

Everybody wins.

Except in 2015, when I’ll have to pay 5p per bag.

Of course, it’s always been possible to have groceries delivered without bags, but I have no idea how that works other than that, inevitably, it would be a lot slower as it seems to involve the delivery guy putting my stuff in the kitchen for me (wasting more time, were I to take that route, while I explain that’s not where I want it). If everyone, or even just a majority, chose that option, though, deliveries would be massively delayed, and delivery charges would increase to compensate for the fact that fewer deliveries could be made per shift. And trust me, you do not want to give Sainsbury’s any incentive to jack up delivery charges further – you really do not!

And everybody loses.

So Cleggy, do inspect whatever jobs come your way from the Fat Bastard at No. 10 in future, no matter how seemingly innocuous or even desirable  they are, because somewhere you’ll be sure to see a tiny sticker saying “For Clegg’s use only. Chalice – probably poisoned!”

And you know what?

It will be…


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