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persistent cough from phlegm and mucous build up at back of throat, worst at night when resting and reclined

Posted by am4b

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Any answers to this annoyance from hell?


Just checking to see if there are any answers to this annoyance of hell. 




I accidentally hit upon this site while looking for a solution to an identical issue suffered by my wife. I fully understand your frustration as my wife has been in and out of hospital since mid December, 2008. Each doctor who examines her has a different theory. One feels that the constant re-occurrence is caused by aspiration. For the past three weeks, she has been fed with a G tube with no improvement. Another expert feels that the cause is a deterioration of her lung function. My wife was diagnosed with COPD 23 years ago and is oxygen dependent, currently on a flow of 5 lpm. A third expert feels that she has peripheral neuropathy caused by the effect of chemotherapy treatments from cancer surgery she had four years ago. Our oncologist denies this theory made by a neurologist. Our respiratory expert just shrugs his shoulders and  offers the comfort that "these things happen". Another expert suggested that the cause was related to a post nasal drip and prescribed Nasonex to no avail.

After months of listening to self designated experts, I have developed two theories. Many of my wife's symptoms are similar to Guillain-Berre Syndrome. Check this out on Google. All the experts disagree. My second theory is that, after many years of weakening lungs and other medical conditions, my wife is in a severe weakened state and has a very low base line. I am embarking on a program of very mild excersize, hoping that, eventually, she can build up sufficient strength to regain her ability to swallow. In addition, because of her weakness, she cannot cough up her mucus and saliva. This also leads me to believe that the solution is the build up of strength. This will be a slow long term process but I am convinced that excersize is the answer.

Meanwhile, she receives suction whenever she starts to gurgle, which is every ten minutes. This is highly invasive and most irritating. She also receives injections of Scopolomine twice a day. Scopolomine is a drying agent that dries up the mucus and saliva and decreases the intensity of her cough. You should be aware that Scopolomine has two side effects, severe itch and severe confusion. If you hve ever seen the movie Guns of Navarrone, you will recall that Scopolomine was used as a truth serum by the Nazis. There are two other war movies that involved Scopolomine but G of N was the most recent. Google has an interesting site.

I'm very sympathetic to your plight. I am also disappointed in the medical system who cannot find a solution to this annoying medical condition.

It appears that your experts are no better than my experts. Let's keep in touch. My email address is

I have had persistent cough for over 10 years and no physician has been able to explain to me why. The symptoms are much the same as the ones described by the previou contributor. Happens mostly nights, very phlegmy cough and keeps clearing my throat. Its very uncomfortable especially during colder weather when the chest is very painful, has a bloody taste. At times, its like the whole tract is infected. I cannot even keep track of how many different anti-biotics I have swallowed. Its amazing that something like this can exist and physicians just shrug it away.
I have the same issue, but with hoarsness, loss of voice, constant clearing, recurring pnemonia, tightness of breath. Thought was COPD, foudn out it has nothing to do with my lungs. In fact they have diagnosed it as a vocal chord dysfunction. It is brought on by stress, illness and weight. Basically the throat closes when it should open and vice versa. I am currently looking into a hunch that it may be GERd, or some form. Some studies have shown that this coughing, clearing of the throat, th emucus and the difficulty swalloing could all be linked to that? Just a thought.
ive suffered with phlegm for as long as i can nose doesnt run.its always in my throat.i have no probs bringin it up.its just soon as i clear my throat, in seconds i feel it build bak up.thru experience ova d yrs, i know the cold weather keeps it loose n runny, n summer, its hard lumps.sometimes smellin of poo! dairy is a no no! the cause? its either all the vacinations i had as a child wich fcks up ur system,or measles i had as a 10yr old.of course docs wont deal with it.ther paid not to tel the truth.large companies like glaxo smith kline send them on free holidays n send them samples of their shite to poison us more ive got the manufactured flu that docs dont wana say is man made.there is no cure because thers not ment to that tel the truth get struck im with violent cough,havent slept for a week,tried pills n medicine thru desperation,but no luk.good job reptiles n ur lakkys.ur winning!!!genocide thru cancers n flus without us even realizin ur doin it!!i told u i wont giv up exposing u

I have a chronic cough, sometimes sinus inflamation almost always my lymph glands are enlarged. I have taken everything over the counter has to offer, Claritan, Musonex, Sudifed, and the list goes on, my sinues are usually dry, but still a produtive cough. I have arthritis, I use naproxen for it. As I write my Lymph Glands are swollen and the cough is almost constant. I seem to believe now that it is either exercise asthma or hyper reflex asthma. I assume this because the Lymph Glands seem to swell when I am exposed to cold air or chemical smells, when I exercise the cough is again constant. WHAT can I do to get this condition resolved or at least contorlled. The cough is so annoying and actually afecting my social life. Oh, I goes away when I sleep, I assume the galnds arent' draining and is least severe in the morning hours? Help? 

sick of hacking my way though life :( 

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