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Party leaders in TV debate horror!

Posted Mar 03 2010 12:00am

I know Gordon Brown has lost the plot completely, but has he lost his marbles and his self-respect as well? Why? Well, because agreement has been reached on a series of televised debates with the other party leaders.

It will not go well.

Why the hell Brown agreed to this is quite beyond me, and what on earth were his advisers thinking? Because I seriously doubt that this is his idea. He must know he’s going to suck – he’d suck even if he had the best policies the world has ever seen, but right now he couldn’t self refrigeration to an Arab. He’ll plumb previously unsuspected depths of suckiness, live on air. (Or maybe recorded, I don’t know  – it won’t be good either way.)

What does he think he’s doing?

We’ve all seen or heard how badly Brown can perform when he has to speak extemporaneously (at PMQs, for example), he flannels, and fluffs and generally comes across as a poltroon when, in reality he’s a very astute politician – just in the wrong job.

It’s clear that Cameron hasn’t got an original idea, or policy, to his name, and that he’s little more than a smarmy git in a good suit (a placeholder until someone better comes along, I suspect), and that Cleggy and Co. will never see power again this side of hell freezing. But none of that will matter, not at all, because the viewers will fix on Brown, flannelling and floundering, getting petulant and fluffing his lines (some of it, at least, is going to be scripted). And that’s all the media will focus on afterwards. Big time.

He’s going to get creamed.

But the SNP’s leader in Westminster Angus Robertson said it was “outrageous” that the three main debates were all taking place in England.

“It is unacceptable for the people of Scotland to be short-changed in this way,” said Mr Robertson.

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