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Paranoid, Puemothorax And Ciggeratte withdrawals...

Posted by Juniper

Hello There, How are you?? I Was wondering if you could help me or if possible offer reasurence... I recently suffered a spontaneous Puemothorax and I am extremly paranoid it will happen again... (haunted by the thought) I WAS a heavy smoker and cannibus user, but have now stopped!! Im going though the motions of withdrawals... Which I cant recognise and Im frightened all the time about my lungs and the puemothorax happerning again... I had a cathiter to reinflate my lung, (Im female, 28, slim build, recently stopped smoking due to this issue..) but my mind cant settle, I have been to my doctors he said Im ok, as long as I dont ever smoke again, that I have hyperinflated Lungs & that my lungs are damaged equal to someone whom has smoked for 25yrs, but that I am ok and that wont effect me until I am older (50-60).... I cant sleep as im scared it will happen again, so he prescribe Tamazerpan for recoverie rest... It happened on the 20/01/09 and is still very Raw in my mind... I feel like a drama queen but cant seem to be reassured at all... Im Terrified it might happen again, truly and even more so by the fact if I get the Flu, cold, cough and/or a chest infection... I dont want to worrie and bring something else on...  I have tightness like contractions, pangs, & twangs in my lung and cant work out weither its withdrawals or it returning or Im paranoid.... PLEASE HELP ME!!! I am so scared... I know worst things can & have happen to people... I was healthy As & as happy as can be before this incident... Now Im to scared to sneeze or yorn.... I have 3 children which Ive already scared enough... If You could help me in anyway Id be truly, truly grateful.... PLEASE... Sincerely... XCassie
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