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October 07, 2008 COPD fun?! drinking Redi-CT for CT scan

Posted Oct 07 2008 6:16pm

I may be a bit crabby today, because I'm following instructions in preparation for abdominal CT scan with contrast. 3 hours before: stop eating and drinking, 2 hrs before drink a half bottle of "stuff" called Redi-CT, instructions say you can sip it, but radiology technician suggested to chug it down and think sweet thoughts. Umm, it must not taste terrific. Well, I will tolerate it by holding my nose. That usually helps, at least I won't smell it. Then another half bottle and so on until just before the CT. I have another 50 minutes before I start. The whole "event" should be over by2:30 PM.

All this to check out a questionable lesion seen on my pancreas in aChest/Lung CTat the bottom of film. They said it needed more reviewing in an abdominal test. so, more "fun" begins. I try to look at these things as an adventure and learning experience, and if it reveals bad news, well...better sooner than later. Just like my COPD was caught at a relatively early mild stage...and that got me using supplemental oxygen which in turn saved me from further damaging my heart.

Hey, the stuff doesn't taste bad, sort of like vanilla milk, and no odor. I chugged it right down, but one could sip it. I think chilling in the refrigerator helped some. The i.v. was smooth, and the CT "doughnut" is nothing to fear, kinda neat. The feeling of the stuff in your veins is like a very warm flush through your body trunk from chest to crotch, since the room was so cold it actually felt good. The whole thing easy to do. The hour drive to and home, plus waiting there was about 4 hours.

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