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October 04, 2008 COPD: Using exercise to feel better

Posted Oct 07 2008 6:16pm

After exercising I feel so much better, even 5 years ago I felt better...maybe a bit exhausted, but a good tired feeling. Check out some of these sites and start your own gradual increase in moving from where you are right now. Do a little more each day. Try it, you will be rewarded proportionately to how much you

Walk with stroller mid-day slightly over cast and nice at 77* reading some of the sites I listed this morning inspired me to go an extra mile. 4.2 miles= 1:08:01felt good especially since the first harder part was up grade, and last half downhill making it nice and easy.


COPD: Using exercise to feel betterChronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)often makes it difficult to breathe, which in turn may limit how active you are and how much you exercise. But it is important to remain active and exercise when you have COPD. Activity and exercise can:

COPD and Exercise:Breathing and Exercise Programs for COPD

If you have trouble breathing,exercisemay be the last thing you feel like doing. But exercises forCOPDcan help your breathing, allowing you to stay as active as possible and improving your quality of life.

Exercise With COPD

Exercise, at most any level, improves the oxygen utilization, work capacity, and state of mind of COPD patients. Low-impact activities place minimum stress ...

If you are a COPD patient, you already know you expend extra energy just to breathe. If you can use your energy more efficiently for breathing, you will have more energy left for performing routine activities of daily life-or participating in new activities.Actively practicing some form ofexercise, along with proper nutrition, cansignificantlyimprove your quality of life.



Lack ofexercisecontributes to disability inCOPD.Exercise...The shortness of breath experienced by COPD patients at rest and/or during activities of daily living can lead to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, a progressive deterioration in functional capacity, and possible isolation at home.

With progressive inactivity, cardiovascular function and skeletal muscle mass decline. The deterioration in aerobic fitness and strengthcreates a vicious cycle that leads to greater breathlessnesswith exertion, muscular fatigue, an eventual loss of functional independence, and depression.

A major goal of pulmonary rehabilitation exercise programs is, therefore, to reverse the physical disability resulting from inactivity.

COPD Exercise and Activity Guidelines

Since breathlessness is usually a transient symptom during exercise, patients should slow down rather than stop suddenly

Google page on COPD exercise: there are at least a dozen pages all on COPD & exercise.
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