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Oct 16 2010 Oxygen Backpacks or minimalist carrier

Posted Oct 16 2010 3:10pm

Oxygen backpacks can be 'transparent' or they can discreetly carry
oxygen portables, like the Freedom Sling an excellent model-  
well ventilated,over the shoulder centered on the back, but concealed.
    - or
You can do as I have done.  I like my CAIRE constant High flow liquid oxygen portable to be
"naked", so I crafted my own carrier.  Someone asked about it, so here it is out in the open with
just padded straps over the shoulder and a waist belt. It is mounted on to a small backpack
 (concealed behind the portable), the shoulder padded straps and waist strap remained
 in place. Of course the compressed gas oxygen tanks do not need a lot of ventilation,
 my design is more for the very high flow user.
 The tank - is held in place with three long strips of Velcro ( I had from a sleep apnea test).
 I think most any tank could be velcro'd like this.  Using 12- 15 liters as I do frequently,
 this bare tank approach means much less chance of the tank freezing up.  It did happen
to me once, and I learned to turn the tank upside down for a moment and that helps 'settle
 the liquid oxygen'.  On the front I added a clip on pouch to hold a water bottle,  cell phone,
oximeter, a watch to time duration of walk, so I KNOW when to head home. and of course,
my tape of music from my old 45 records of 1950-60's to keep me more spirited. 

Note, no cannula, I have a TTO  tube into my neck, transtracheal oxygen.  I 'neck' with oxygen.  
 It is so nice when you can walk about outside... do try to move any which way you can
Keep moving,
(Roxlyn G. Cole) Littleton, Colorado   
 Pul rehab and after    

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