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Oct 13 2012 about Dr Tom Petty's Moving Mountains Lung Health Conference 2012

Posted Oct 14 2012 11:02pm

Saturday October 6th, in Denver,  Colorado was a great day to stay inside and attend the 2012 Dr Tom Petty's Moving Mountains Lung Health Conference put on by (CLHC )Colorado Lung Health Connection group.   This combination of Patients and Professionals  gives an  educational day featuring well-known speakers in the fields of pulmonology, long-term oxygen therapy and equipment, and other topics of interest each year . 

The  Colorado Lung Health Connection   and Dr Tom's site, where you can download his very last book, The Adventures of an Oxy-Phile 2, for free   It has doctors, RRT's and patient's chapters -

A program- the brochure link to this year's conference.   scroll for two pages maybe you could start just such a group in your State.  Colorado just started a second one here on our "Western Slope" in Grand Junction, CO.

On my facebook page, You can view many photos taken of The 2012 Dr Tom Petty's Moving Mountains Lung Health Conference it is listed as untitled

, take a look at many of the Conference photos, maybe you will recognize someone >

See the speakers-patients-vendors-our sponsors and smiles all around.  It was a GREAT educational day.  Our CLHC group was even written up in the AARC TIMES magazine this October issue.  It is so gratifying to see other patients of lung diseased learn more about the BEST care for them, and YES everyone says work towards exercise, eat well and find the medicine that will best help your type problem.  The Doctors explained that, Dr. James Good and Dr Robert Sandhaus, then RRT's covered pulmonary rehab and Bob McCoy from   the equipment end of it.

Conference photos> 

Slideshow: A Visual Guide to COPD  a worthwhile description with photos that are worth a 1000 words too. 
COPD GOLD GUIDELINESThey haven't changed the numbers, but they have changed the way they describe the disease and the factors in determining which meds and treatment regimen are most appropriate.  Here's the link, you just download the pdf file from there:
 Respiratory system explained.

Pulmonary Function Predicted Values  


-Oh my goodness, look at all the gear around my waist... the Caire Spirit 300 liquid oxygen on my righ hip, and my fanny pack on the left, and hand is on a cart with oxygen for later. 
Can't see my cannula... why not, because it is not there, I have TTO, a transtracheal oxygen system, a direct tube into my trachea, gives the proven absolutely best oxygen delivery.  Instead of a chain holding it in place I use a shoe lace... tied into a bow!  Hardly anyone notices, but that isn't why I like it so much, it is because I breathe more easily, can do more and feel better.  I wonder when more doctors or Respiratory therapists will study up on it, and learn that it provides patients with the main thing, better oxygenation, but the side effects of improved moving, less depression, more self confidence and I say, Happiness is having a TTO. < take a look at their testimonials. I am not financially connected with any companies I talk about, I just like and /or use the product.
Caring For Older Folks With COPD Terri Fried, Carlos Fragoso, and Michael Rabow argue in the September 26, 2012 JAMA that older adults (age ~80 or above) with COPD and significant dyspnea are a distinct, complex group of patients with unique features and needs, and their doctors should think broadly and be willing to go “off-guidelines” in choosing therapies. Because these patients’ dyspnea may impair all areas of their lives, doctors should take a multifaceted approach to assessing and treating older people with COPD.  


My friend Mike has a tto too, and he walked the Boston Marathon with lungs 2 times worse than mine... a severe copd patient.
Keep MOVING any way you can...  Lyn,  
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