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November 05, 2008 Yes, YOU CAN! Try to walk a little more, it improves your quality of life

Posted Nov 05 2008 1:08pm

Continue along the Raccoon Hollar "pocket Park" walk,way, it a affords some shade on hot days, and glimpses of wild life. Can you find the water rat and the squirrel? You may have to click to magnify. Once I saw a red fox, often mallard ducks, magpies, flickers (largest woodpeckers). lots of birds. The path winds back and forth, over a bridge, under trees, and one can peek into some yards that back up to it and be greeted by their dogs. Some are so quiet, others give a comical a woof or two, and then always a couple who will run their fence and bark for 75 feet...only two of those noisy ones. Yesterday I pulled my golf bag cart with a high flow tank suspended from it for 3 took around an hour, nice mentally uplifting and physically enhancing


ScienceDaily (Nov. 5, 2008)��� Elderly women can increase muscle strength as much as young women can, a new study from the University of New Hampshire finds, indicating that decline in muscle function is less a natural part of the aging process than due to a decline in physical activity.

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