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Nov 28 2012 Favorite links to manage lung disease

Posted Nov 28 2012 9:51pm
some of my favorite links to learn more about managing my lung disease -
But first, before the month ends,
November is National Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Awareness Month.  Don't let your numbers slow you from moving more, learn what they are, and then make a plan to do a little more each day.
 How I honored this month, with  My pulmonologist -Dr. Bates "When it comes to healthy living and healthy aging, it’s a good idea to keep things simple - take things one step at a time, make sure to get a breath of fresh air and stay active." it is estimated that millions of Americans have gone undiagnosed. They may shy away from activities they love because they experience shortness of breath, constant coughing or wheezing. A physical exam and a simple, noninvasive breathing test called a spirometry can determine if one might have COPD. "
 Learning to Breathe Easier:
This year's COPD+ team is growing
An excellent Informational video featuring Dr. Brian Tiep, MD  -   Oximetry for People With Lung Disease    he even says 90% oxygenation is "barely acceptable"...

something I have always said, in my opinion from the patient's point of view with long testing of many oximeters in my experience I don't feel half way decent until above 95%, and do fabulously better with 96-98 %.  He explains how to use your oximeter & stresses about the "lag time" .  This film shows Nonin's least expensive model.  Always check all advice with your doctor to see if it is OK for you.

I prefer the Medical grade Nonin Onyx II - it is more expensive, but it works while walking, or on treadmill, moving briskly and still getting a good read.  The less expensive oximeters (all brands) take longer to warm up, and 'may not' show accurate readings for longer than most will wait, they are slower,  though even in the most expensive there is a lag time as he explains it. If you want to see how it works this is the best video I have seen on the oximeter.


For a written booklet, Your Personal Oximeter, a guide for patients, by Dr Thomas L. Petty - another favorite doctor- sorely missed, this is great.


Brian Tiep, MD an excellent general explanation of COPD speaking on Breathe California    This takes around 30 minutes...the first 3 minutes are slow while they got the sound set up...but well worth the time after that to watch the slideshow and lecture...  Brian speaks in a simple clear to understand language with a great slide show enhancement, he walks the talk of rehab- One of his favorite things is to speak to patient groups, and obviously I think very highly of him, he was a co-author with Dr. Tom Petty of the  Essentials of Pulmonary Rehabilitation.    A Do It Yourself Guide to Enjoying Life With Chronic Lung Disease. 2nd Edition, 2005.  By  T. Petty, MD, Mary Burns, R.N., B.S. and B. Tiep, M.D...on this page you can download it free  .  
About - News & Issues   The American Association for Respiratory Care is proud to offer, in audiobook format, Adventures of an Oxy-Phile2 by Dr. Tom Petty, international authority on respiratory disease. Among his many accolades, Dr. Petty was Professor of Medicine at the ... take a look at my chapter 8
Here is another of Dr Brian Tiep's publications>

Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Disease Management for Chronic Lung Disease, by Brian L. Tiep, MD, FAACVPR; and Rick Carter, PhD, MBA  Pulmonary rehabilitation and disease management offer strategies for patients to become actively involved in their care and improve their functional outcomes.

 Dr Brian even 'entertains' playing fiddle and other instruments with his daughter... what fun, to have such a lively doctor...check out the other videos of his lively music.

BREATHE LA's "Living Well with COPD" Fourth COPD Conference was held on November 14 (World COPD Awareness Day) at the USC Health Sciences Campus Aresty Auditorium in Los Angeles. The free conference featured presentations on new approaches to address the disease, promoting early diagnosis, treatment, and self-management. A focus of the conference was to examine improving patient treatment by emphasizing evidenced-based wellness approaches through a continuum of care.  


 One of Brian's favorite things is to speak to patient groups, and obviously I think very highly of him.  Here he is next to me, (with the white beard) at an American Thoracic Society ATS confererce in Denver May 2011. On left side is Rick Carter, on the right - Ellen Hillegas other dedicated professionals. Then another favorite link of mine, a must watch video on the effects of oxygen deprivation     - if the link doesn't work cut and paste it.   

Exercise improves life for COPD sufferers Published: November 19, 2012Last of two parts.

"Lyn" (Roxlyn G. Cole) Littleton, CO
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