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Nov 04, 2008 Physical & mental benefits gained as COPDer walks green belts & parks

Posted Nov 04 2008 12:08pm

Around Denver there are many greenbelts and pocket parks, also large parks. Pictured is one of my favorites, it extends a half mile along a meandering stream with water falls and wonderful peeks at wildlife. roxlyngcd@comcast.netLast evening I gave my rib cage a break from the backpack with its load of 15 lbs oxygen + gear. It caused a flare up of condritis. Instead I worked 10 minutes on the elliptical, 10 on exercycle, and a few minutes on the steper, and stretching on the cardio glide. Today I am anxious to walk outside again before cold weather comes in, it has been in the 70-80's with nice low humidity (20%).

Breaking the Dyspnea CycleDyspnea, more commonly known as shortness of breath, can be described as the sensation of having the urge to breathe which results from a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream. It is one of the hallmark symptoms ofCOPD, and can also be the most frightening.

Lung Transplant:

I HEARD from Dr. Tom, about his book " From Both Ends of a Stethoscopehe said the books will be in next week. Thus,Yes, you can place orders now and pay by check through his office . but they won't have Pay pal up right away, so they cannot handle credit cards.."

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