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MRSA information needed…

Posted Nov 03 2013 6:44am

Having been notified, by my GP, in a tone of voice that suggested his dog had just died, that the wounds in my lymphoedema-inflated legs were infected with MRSA, my first thought was “Oh shit, I’m gonna die!”.

So, naturally, I Googled MRSA mortality rates, and while Google threw numbers at me – reassuringly low at first glance – I still haven’t been able to find out what proportion of those infected this represents.

I can see how many per million, or per 100,000, which is zero help when what I want to know is what percentage of people who have MRSA-infected wounds/lesions actually die as a direct result.

This is not just morbid curiosity on my part – more being scared shitless –  because if the severity of pain = severity of situation, I am seriously fucked.

If anybody out there can point me at a source for these data, I really would appreciate it.


NB: I’m usually pretty adept at extracting info from Google, but I think I’m too close to this – I find it hard to focus. That or part of me really doesn’t want to know – but the part that worries does!

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