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May 13, 2010 Running out of oxygen, vitamin D, natural medicine link and Air pollution exposure.

Posted May 13 2010 10:05am

Lung challenged patients are always living on the edge of a roller coaster ride of emotions. In our case will we run out of oxygen…>
Lots of worries that we try to tuck back in our minds and ignore, but they pop up every now and then. Worry about oxygen, supplies and so on.Last night I managed to have disconnected my long O2 tube – maybe stepped on it and separated at the swivel connector and unaware, went to bed. My husband discovered it in the morning. My Oxygen saturation was down at 81%... and that was probably pretty high, since I use a CPAP machine- delivering a constant positive air pressure for my sleep apnea. What a surprise and dismay. Fortunately only a small headache from it, but the experience awakens worries about always having oxygen supplies.


 Yesterdays COPD International’s web program worked out some technical glitches this first time. The experiences of Mike McBride were an inspiration and the photos terrific, we saw the Rocky Mountains, Denver , Chicago and Boston . Keep moving, you WILL benefit. COPD International is open to suggestions for future topics contact  cg < >


New Vitamin D Recommendations for Older Men and Women ScienceDaily (May 10, 2010) — The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) has released a new position statement on Vitamin D for older adults which makes important recommendations for vitamin D nutrition from an evidence-based perspective.


The lets you search for information by the name of the product, ingredient, disease, or drug .


The scientific evidence linking air pollution to heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular death has "substantially strengthened," and people, particularly those at high cardiovascular risk, should limit their exposure, "Particulate matter appears to directly increase risk by triggering events in susceptible individuals within hours to days of an increased level of exposure, even among those who otherwise may have been healthy for years,"

. this page  

Lyn/Roxlyn G Cole, Littleton, Colorado  

Pulmonary Rehab & AFTER >



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