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March 10, 2009 COPD BASICS- moods-exacerbations & turmeric...

Posted Mar 10 2009 3:05pm

Hi everyone, I am in a pensive mood today. Reading to learn more and more about COPD. I learn also tidbits --like Depression + stress can lead to heart disease. Hmmm! Some of the on-line support groups sure cause that to happen, especially when folks disappear suddenly without explanation (dchandler for example) then others are constantly frustrated by having many of their posts being rejected. They did that to Buzz up to the day he died he was stressed out by them. Try asking what their donations have been, or who funds board members trips to Washington DC Well, enough said on that issue, yesterday I almost did not exercise, but during Dancing to the Stars on TV last night I managed to ride the exercycle and the elliptical each for 15 minutes = 30..walking helps moods, so it looks like I better walk the walk today. blog short cut Is a COPD Exacerbation?Learn How to Manage and Prevent Exacerbations. This is a good one to follow recommendations > Management of Acute Exacerbations and Chronic Stable Disease >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> marigold-colored spice known as turmeric has been used for centuries to treat wounds, infections and other health problems. In recent years, research into the healing powers of turmeric' s main ingredient, curcumin, >>>>> on Emphysema- simple -direct���especially good if you are new to COPD & a good review. thanks to Ken.

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