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March 04, 2009 The TRUTH about improving breathing & lung function

Posted Mar 04 2009 2:13pm

Hi everyone! It is time I tell you the TRUTH. You CAN improve breathing and lung function,BUT,How much you can improveis proportionalto your commitment,your "grit-guts- intestinal fortitude-self discipline. How much you can improve is dependent upon how much you want to live and improve.Attitude affects much of what we do and how we feel. Stay calm, take a deep breath, and tell yourself you will be OK.You have to ' decide' to set aside your excuses or reasons (check with your doctor to be sure) and at least TRY. Many decide before putting in some hard effort, that they are unable to get through the discomfort necessary to reach their maximum potential.>> ' Directed Thinking' >>>> You have to WANT it enough. Try, and try again. Don' t give up.Gradually YOU CAN work through the discomfort and SOB. The problem for many is it takes a long time, it is hard , Please Replace "I can' t", with: "I will TRY! >>>>>>>What ever you do, don' t stop moving- this will result in a downward spiral of being able to do less and less. " Use it or lose". it is very true in this disease. If you have other health issues, you definitely do consult with your doctor.Now get going and tryto do one minute more of exertion/moving than you normally do for a week. It is natural to have some soreness after a workout. As long as soreness is mild, you can continue. To help avoid this soreness is why I stress working up to a new level GRADUALLY.Don' t forget to monitor yourself with an oximeter, and maybe monitor your blood pressure too. You can expect a 30% BP fluctuation depending upon what you are doing. Exercise does not have to be vigorous, it does have to be consistently done 5 to 7 days a week. EVERTY day of the week, even several times/ day, if severely deconditioned.The best gym in the world? TO startis addressed within this link, which includes a Long list of exercises for frail to strong, starting in the bed or on a chair, or walking. It begins with: how to start exercise program and the Essentials of Pulmonary Rehabiliation>>>>>' RESOLVE TO SUCCEED-The greatest discovery one can make is that nothing is impossible"...anonymous. So, keep moving, you can do it, maybe slower, and it might take a fair amount of time to build your endurance, but-- ----------------you CAN IMPROVE and feel better!! !!!!! I wore out after 2 miles on the treadmill today > in 32 minutes, but revived later in the evening and was able to work with small weights for 20 minutes, thus 50 minutes of moving altogether.

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