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Looking for a prescription medicine for chronic stuffy nose with emphysema

Posted by Edie

We have tried all the OTC's with no results (sprays...Afrin, 24 hour vicks etc. also inhalers .......Vicks etc.). We are looking for any prescription medications that can be taken for Chronic Stuffy Nose in later stage emphysema. PLEASE Help!!

Thank you

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Try Drixoral nasal pump. It has cleared chronic stuffy noses for my friend and he is hooked on to it since 10 years. Drixoral Cold and Sinus tablets is excellent and i have personally used it to relieve me of my allergy symptoms. Since Drixoral is not eadily available in the US, I order mine from a Canadian Online Pharmacy called www. because they sell original Canadian brand for Drixoral. I burnt my hands ordering from another pharmacy called North West Pharmacy who sent Drixoral which was packaged in a box with Turkish written all over it! Will never order from them again!

Try this link to purchase Drixoral:

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