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June 17, 2008 An Action Alert

Posted Jun 18 2008 6:08pm

Photoof liquid oxygen tanks and a compressed oxygen cylinder Y connected, combined together to achieve higher delivery flow of Oxygen for harder exertion...with my medical teams permission. Having rehabbed to short interval training, running for 30- 60 seconds at 5 mph, at altitude I require 15 liters. setting each tank to deliver a lower flow 5+5+5, helps prevent from freeze up of liquid (LOX) oxygen tanks. When one high flow tank that will deliver 15 liters is set at that high amount, there is often a chance of freeze up. thus on long walks I Y together 2 or more tanks and play it safer with a lower flow setting on each one.



To thePACT, Delegates of the HOD, and State Presidents,

We are on the forefront of making a historical improvement for our patients who have pulmonary disease. Over the past couple of weeks, bills have been crafted in the Senate and in the House, which are known only as the ���Medicare Package��� right now. The Senate version of the bill has come farther in that both the Democrats and Republicans each have their own version of the bill and there were some votes last week on the Democratic package.The good news is that the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab provisions of S.329 appear in both parties Senate version. There is a lot of wrangling going on and the bill can undergo many changes before it hits the Senate floor in a compromised version between the two parties. In the House of Representatives on the other hand, does not have the provisions of HR552 in their version of the ���Medicare Package���.

Here is what we need all of you to do. We are asking that the 435 plan be activated in your state.The specific call for this activation is to increase communication toWashingtonin support of the Medicare Packages being worked on.We would like not only RT���s to communicate but patient groups as well.We have placed information on the AARC���s website so that you can communicate withWashington. Capitol Connection is the easiest way for member to get e-mails to their Congressman and Senators. We have created an action alert that will allow you to chose to send an e-mail, call your Congressperson or print out a template of a letter that can be faxed to your Representatives and/or Senators offices ( Please note that this is a time sensitive issue so sending correspondence by mail should be done only as follow-up to a fax or e-mail message.

I want to thank you for your attention to this. We will be monitoring the Capitol Connection statistics and look for a marked increase in communication toWashingtonDC. In the end, our patients will benefit from the few minutes we take to send a message and/or educate the patients on how to advocate for themselves. If there are any questions please contact me directly at my e-mail ( or by phone at (203) 739-7984.

Thank you again for all that you do for our patients and profession.




Frank R. Salvatore Jr., BS, RRT, FAARC

For folks who have this complication in addition to COPD...looks interesting.

New Treatment For Rheumatoid Arthritis Leaves 50 Percent Of Recent Onset Patients Symptom-free Within 36 Weeks

ScienceDaily (Jun. 16, 2008)��� At least 50% of recent onset rheumatoid arthritis patients achieve remission (a state free of signs and symptoms) within 36 weeks when following a systematic approach of step-up DMARD treatment in combination with tight control, according to results of a study presented June 11 at EULAR 2008, the Annual Congress of the European League Against Rheumatism in Paris, France. Results of this study indicate that achieving remission is not only possible during clinical trials but can be a realistic goal of standard clinical care.

this morning I was testing out my newly upgraded Eclipse POC. more to do before posting about it. Then this evening I tested it while Treadmill walking for 100 minutes at 2-2.5 & 3 mph. test on 1-6 pulse and on 3 L constant flow. It dramatically better than my old didn't alarm once--kept the oxygen up to speed.

These manufacturers are really trying to improve their products to please us, and I have fun doing the testing from the patient's perspective, I have no financial interest in the products I write about, and, I volunteer to do the testing.

read about the new Respironics up graded Evergo2

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