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June 15, 2008 DEBUNK the hypoxic drive theory...Happy Father's day.

Posted Jun 18 2008 6:08pm

DEBUNK the hypoxic drive theory. Find this Picture on a website listed below.

Lots of educational reading on these two Respiratory Therapists sites.Thanks toRick Frea,Jane Sage, and Jeff Whitnack -for sharing their knowledge. Drawing by Jeff's RN wife Read it carefully. Question them if not understanding.

Respiratory Therapy Cave

"Thus, if a patient needs oxygen, he should be provided oxygen. If his drive to breathe diminishes, appropriate means to ventilate the patient should be sought"

The Hypoxic Drive Theory: completely debunkedpart five of a six post series with reference to

Jeff Whitnack's RT/RPFTpage:CO2 Retainer/Hypoxic Drive Theory and extras,

The Death of the Hypoxic Drive Theory

Why the Hypoxic Drive Theory Sucks Wind (original RC World submission and later on previous website)

roxlyngcd@comcast.netWell, my respiratory drive didn't slow down at all, using 16 liters liquid oxygen, maintaining 97% saturation while walking a 5 K (3.1 miles) . This is my fifth year at this great event described on yesterdays page. Blowing my own horn...I was third in my age group of 70-80, with a time of 48:30. [four in that group]. Crashed for a nap once home. Without the chronic bronchitis factor I don't have difficulty breathing, but my lungs don't transfer the oxygen breathed in, into the blood stream. DLCO-diffusion problem = 63%. I wonder how I'd do at sea level, this was a mile high!I use high flow with permission of my medical team watch oximeter- and given the go ahead to exercise as hard as I can and want to...since I reached walking or working out for a time of 1 hour 4 years ago. No other significant health issues. Always consult your dr.

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