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july 15 2012 Where am I? Surviving just like you too can do.

Posted Jul 15 2012 7:48pm 1 Comment

Challenges are sometimes difficult to meet, and I am having many, so, here is to a lazy Sunday, and then I need to prepare for my husbands spine surgery on Tuesday... oh, that is oxygen delivery day.  hmmm! we'll have to get the liquid oxygen tanks out in front of the garage in case they come when we are not here...I think I will be able to roll them back into the garage by myself...there is a bump I have to get over- and then I may have to ask for help from a neighbor... hate to do that, but that is one of our challenges when we use oxygen - sometimes we lose muscle strength - and THAT is the reason why we must do some strength training with small weights to start.  Well, after a nice waffle and egg breakfast and the smell of coffee too, I'm ready to face the world...indoors, as it is zooming up into the nineties today, and more humid than usual in Denver.

And you think you are OK?  a must watch video on the effects of oxygen deprivation- see what happens when deprived.
     - if the link doesn't work cut and paste it.  
 After seeing it you will understand why so many are in denial, that they are just fine when they may not be ... and then the result is pulmonary hypertension - not reversible, so I try to pound in the fact USE your supplemental oxygen don't let it drop below 88% because these lapses WILL damage your vital organs - not something you really would like to happen.  You are in charge NOW take care of yourself and prevent a lousy future quality of life.

Building Muscle Without Heavy Weights  

Whatever you do, keep moving in some way whether in bed, chair or upright.  There is something you can do now, and increase it in tiny amounts to get better.  My husband is facing a long haul, starting with bed exercises- capacity at first was 3 moves of each exercise- progressing by one or two per day.  Now a set back when he has the spine surgery - but after that it will be with less pain-


Resilient People More Satisfied With Life "Some of the characteristics of being resilient can be worked on and improved, such as self-esteem and being able to regulate one's emotions. Learning these techniques can offer people the resources needed to help them adapt and improve their quality of life "

(Roxlyn G. Cole) Littleton, CO
My facebook page  includes photo albums of oxygen equipment,  patient events- and an album showing us walking up Mt Evans & around Colorado parks  
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Sort by: Newest first | Oldest first    < the second link works it is a MUST see video to help you understand the effects of low oxygenation in your system.
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