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July 03, 2008 Make up your mind to have a fabulous day, every day.

Posted Jul 03 2008 10:04pm

Photo:Mike passes by pulling his 4 high flow tanks of oxygen. He will use almost all of it by the end of 13.1 miles. He not only has COPD...for a while he had BOOP =Bronchiolitis Obliterans Organizing Pneumoniahe does events with the official Walking style. He made up his mind to start every day with a positive attitude..."today will be a fabulous day". He has the asthma component too along with emphysema COPD.

Dehydration Makes Exercise-Induced Asthma Worse, Study By UB Researchers Finds

ScienceDaily (June 7, 1999)��� SEATTLE -- If athletes from elite to novice needed yet another reason to drink plenty of fluids during exercise, a new study by University at Buffalo exercise scientists provides it.Their research shows that dehydration may induce bronchospasm even before exercise and make exercise-induced asthma worse. Results of the study >>

Post-exercise Caffeine Helps Muscles Refuel

ScienceDaily (July 2, 2008)��� Recipe to recover more quickly from exercise: Finish workout, eat pasta, and wash down with five or six cups of strong coffee.Glycogen, the muscle's primary fuel source during exercise, is replenished more rapidly when athletes ingest both carbohydrate and caffeine following exhaustive exercise, new research shows. Athletes who ingested caffeine with carbohydrate had 66% more glycogen in their muscles four hours after finishing intense, glycogen-depleting exercise, compared to when they consumed carbohydrate alone, according to the study.

Caffeine aids carbohydrate uptake

It is already established that consuming carbohydrate and caffeine prior to and during exercise improves a variety of athletic performances. This is the first study to show that caffeine combined with carbohydrates following exercise can help refuel the muscle faster.

"If you have 66% more fuel for the next day's training or competition, there is absolutely no question you will go farther or faster," said Dr. Hawley, more>>

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