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January 17, 2009 Any age any stage of COPD can improve function & quality of life

Posted Jan 18 2009 1:16am

Variety is the spice of life? Yesterday I did a variety of motions: 15 minutes on the elliptical, 20 mins. on an exercycle, and 5 minutes on the cardio glyde machine... the last, a maximum push & pull resistance - while seated���a work out similar to rowing. On these 3 machines I don' t require as much supplemental oxygen as on the treadmill. I got the cardioglide machine for $14.00 at Goodwill store, it is amazing what you can find there, small weights, sometimes the larger machines, and tons of books and dvd/tapes. I am feeling my back muscles today. Not bad, but they definitely know they were exerting quite hard - even for only 5 minutes. That is a challenge for me, to work up a minute more each time I use that equipment. Today hmmm, not sure yet what I will do. I procrastinate and wind up doing something after dinner while watching TV....and then sleep like a log. Do note: I have been through pulmonary rehab and now AFTER it I continue on adding a minute here and there. After almost 6 years of dedication and priority to exercise I feel great. Being at only mild/moderate stage is of course a big help. Keep trying to work up to a half hour a day, you will never regret it. An hour is even better, but allow yourself time to build up slowly. Later today I walked with oxygen on my back on 6 liters...slow walk 3 miles in 61 minutes then after dinner I did do a minute more on the cardioglide-thus 6 +61=67 minutes of ' moving along' today.

Elderly At Risk For Physical Disabilities Exercise, Improve Physical FunctionThe participants ranged in age from 70 to 89 years-old, were sedentary when they enrolled, had health problems, such as cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, and some physical limitations such as difficulty walking or climbing stairs. They followed a moderate exercise program that consisted of walking, strength, flexibility, and balance training

Free Exercise And Nutrition Program InBrazilCould Serve As Model InUnited States

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