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Jan 30, 2013 The AIRHEADS February newsletter

Posted Jan 30 2013 11:18pm

The Villages in Florida




February 2013

   AIRHEADS SUPPORT GROUP MEETINGS – February 12 th & 26 th 

Members of the Villages Airheads meet in the Mulberry Grove Recreation Center’s Old Glory Room, 8445 SE 165 th Mulberry Lane, on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, 10:00 – 11:30 am.   Mark your calendar.   Please come to our meetings and bring your spouse or a friend! 

  BREATHING & EXERCISE CLASSES – February 1 st & 15 th  These classes are held on the 1 st & 3 rd Friday of each month 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. in the same location as above.   Come to exercise and learn how to relax and breathe efficiently.   Don’t ever have another panic attack!

 GUEST SPEAKERS  February 12 th  – Scott Wilder, The Villages Community Watch February 26 th – Nick Jones, Roundtable Discussion

AIRHEADS WEB SITE Thanks to the efforts of Joyce Huskey, you can now visit our web site by clicking: 

See a GREAT posting by Mark Mangus on the newsletter page.   Please provide us with feedback.   We are anxious to get your opinions.

TAI CHI BREATHING EXERCISE – Get someone to read the steps to you.   Then practice. 

This exercise has been taught by Tai Chi Masters for centuries.   It utilizes balance, controlled breathing, and light repetitive aerobics. Therefore, when done properly, it helps improve balance, breathing, strength, and stamina.   It is a very simple exercise to perform and the benefits are countless.Before we get into the dynamics of the exercise there are a few details that must be understood.   

 First are the two hand positions.   They are very simple, but it is surprising how many people have problems with the transitions.   First is the “spade”, which resembles a hand salute and is used to dig an imaginary hole in front of you knees and to carry an imaginary tray from the extended position, back to pass in front of your face and down to the hip. 

  The second hand position is the “chung”, which positions the thumb and fingers as if you are holding a big softball and pushing it away from you, wrist bent back, and with the thumb pointing at 11 o’clock on a wall clock (not quite vertical).   Always look through the “V” that is formed between the thumb and forefinger.

Next, imagine that you are standing in a box.   You are going to be stepping toward the front left and front right corners.You begin with both hands in the spade position, resting on the hips, palms up.   The feet are shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent.   Dig a hole with the left hand across the front of your knees and up to the left shoulder.   Then step toward the left front corner, breathing out through pursed lips, while simultaneously thrusting the left hand toward the same front left corner, elbow locked, and turning the left hand spade into a left hand chung as it arrives.You now have your left foot out toward the front left corner with knee bent and your left hand chung is thrust out above it at shoulder height with elbow locked out straight.   You are looking through the “V.”   The right hand is still on the right hip, palm up.

Now turn the chung into a spade, palm up, and bring it back to pass in front of your face and drop it to the left hip as your left foot arrives back at the starting position.   The hand arrives at the hip at the same time as the foot arrives back at the starting position.    You were inhaling through the nose during this return-to-the-starting-position move.Note that when you step out you breathe out and when you step in you breathe in.   That makes it easy to remember to breathe properly.Next repeat the same sequence to the right with the right hand and right foot. 

  Each sequence should take about 5 seconds or 10 seconds per complete cycle (left and right).   That’s 6 cycles per minute.   Start out at ten minutes and work yourself up to 20 minutes.   You will be surprised at how you get stronger and breathe better as the minutes increase.If you have questions, drop me an email or come to our Breathing/Exercise Class on the 1 st and 3 rd Friday of each month. 


 WELCOME NEW MEMBERS  Bonnie & Charlie Bennett, Susan Drechsel, Bill Lisby, Robert Maudsley, Kay Pulliam, RaeAnn Sloan, James Tomey, Debbie Ventura, and Therese Von Overbeke. 

 FOURTH ANNUAL AIRHEADS CRUISE- NEXT MONTH – LAST CHANCE!!! Our Fourth Annual Airheads Cruise, a seven-night Western Caribbean itinerary aboard Holland America's ms Ryndam

sailing from Tampa on Sunday, March 3, 2013. Our favorite Respiratory Therapists and Travel Agents extraordinaire, Celeste Belyea and Holly Marocchi are waiting to book you and to make arrangements for your oxygen needs at 1-866-673-3019!   Ask your friends to join us for a GREAT time!  


Airhead Bob Jones passed away on December 24 th, 2012.   His wife, Sandy, reported that he passed peacefully.   We wish her well.

STEM CELL THERAPY – Response to Airhead Questions - Nick

There have been many questions regarding stem cell therapy for COPD.    I do not have the answers, but suggest that you control/click the sites below for more information.


Hopefully all of The Villages Airheads are now wearing their orange sunglasses when they go out of the house.   I wear mine on the top of my head, providing an opportunity to discuss COPD when people ask about them.   See how easy it is???   Visit The Villages Airheads web site to see the pictures.   They look GREAT at our Support Group Meetings and Breathing & Exercise Classes.

Have you called the COPD Information line to have them send out letters to your elected officials to back COPD issues?   That is easier than wearing your glasses!   Toll free 866-316-2673 or go on-line at   and click on Advocacy.


Happy Valentines Day“It's important to have a twinkle in your wrinkle .  

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