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Jan 29, 2009 Sometimes Asthma & COPD are together + Chronic bronchitis

Posted Feb 02 2009 10:46pm

Sometimes COPD has a bunch of ailments along with it, complicating everything. You must keep moving from babyhood on through *forever* if you want to continue to be fit and able to take care of yourself. Look how long it takes a baby to learn to walk. Maybe you have been worn down and lost your level of conditiion and endurance. It will take just as long to build up. YOU CAN do it slowy but surely. Today my moving involved walking through Sam' s and the local grocery store too, not aerobic, but it counts toward time standing up and moving 5004 steps worth on my pedometer.KEEP MOVIN

Starting an exercise program:>>>>>>COPD Digest of 2006 on how I started.

Don' t Let Asthma or Allergies Slow You Down!

WEATHER AND BREATHING Every person with a breathing problem knows that the weather can impact how they feel on any given day. Why does weather impact our
breathing? More importantly, can we do anything to counteract it?


virtually pain-free way increasewalking >>

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